4 Open Source Productivity Apps For Android

4 Open Source Productivity Apps For Android

Android Productivity Apps

This list first appeared at Tech Republic and was written by Jack Wallen.

Those of us who need to get things done often try lots of tips, tricks, and tools before we find our match.

Jack Wallen of Tech Republic has highlighted four open-source productivity apps for Android:

1. Tomdroid notes

Tomdroid notes is a Tomboy client for Android.  This approach to note-taking is a bit different than your standard app.

2. Daily Money

Daily Money is one of the best financial apps you’ll find for free on the Google Play Store. This app tracks your income, assets, expenses, supports multiple currencies, and more.

3. Disk Usage

DiskUsage is one of the best tools for viewing what’s consuming your storage card space (think Windirstat for Android).

4. Quill

Quill is an outstanding handwriting note-taking app.


Get the full articles including more details on each app at Tech Republic.

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