4 Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

4 Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again.


For many people, the celebrations mean that their healthy eating regime and fitness program are out of the window for a few weeks.


But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if you can have your cake and eat it, per se?


Check out these four tips to stay healthy (but still have fun) this Christmas.


1. Move together


Christmas is all about sharing and spending time with your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you have to share chocolates and spend time in front of the TV for a few weeks.

Take the festivities outside by going for a family walk or a game of basketball. Don’t be afraid to bend the traditions a little and make Christmas a more active affair.


Walnuts and apples can make a great healthy snack choice during the holidays.


2. Swap those snacks


I’m not saying you should be overly strict with your diet over Christmas, as it’s what you eat 90% of the time that really maters. But I don’t necessarily think that should be used as an excuse to completely pig out. Just because the box of sweets are there, doesn’t mean you have to snack on them all day.

Instead, swap them for some healthier alternatives. You could go for nuts, seeds, fruit, maybe even a little dark chocolate here and there if you’re feeling crazy.



3. Make time for meditation


As lovely as the holiday season can be, it can also bring about quite a bit of stress. Juggling family visits, making sure you don’t burn the diner, organising the presents – they’re all first world problems, but they can and up to create an underlying feeling of anxiousness.

Set some time aside each morning to meditate. To watch your busy thoughts without judgement, and bring yourself back to a more centred state.

You might feel like you don’t have enough time over Christmas, but as old Zen proverb goes:

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”



4. Reflect and plan


The holidays are usually made up of periods of extreme business, coupled with quite a bit of waiting around and free time. Use that time to rest, but also to reflect.

What have you learned this past year? What mistakes have you made? What have you achieved, and what do you want to achieve next year?

Although it’s a little cliché, you could set some New Year’s Resolutions, and plan how you’re going to go about achieving them.

Your turn!


What tips do you have for staying healthy over the festive season? Let us know in the comments section below!






Luke Jones

Luke Jones

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