4 Ways to Track Your Goals

4 Ways to Track Your Goals

Listing your goals is essential to fulfilling your ambitions, but how do you know that you’re on the right path? It’s important to not only review your goals, but to track your goals and make progress in a way that makes sense for you.


Tracking your progress not only helps you stay organized and motivated, but it also keeps your goal in sight and reminds you that you have a reason to be proud during those times when success seems elusive.

Here are a few ways that you can track your goals, helping you stay on a course for success:


Write it down.


By far the most important part of keeping track of your progress is to put your actions down on paper or up on your screen. Sometimes we think that we can track things well enough in our head, but experience – and scientific research — usually proves otherwise. You might find that being able to
write down what you did – no matter how small it may seem — will actually motivate you.

You may know what to write down when it comes to a goal like weight loss – calories eaten, how many reps – but what about a goal like “take more risks”? This is why it’s important to add more specific benchmarks for your goals, but even non-measurable goals require actions that can be written down.

Report your progress to others.


Talking with FriendsNo, not on Facebook. Choose a trusted friend and family member, someone who wants to see you succeed and will give you a push when you need it.

This is a good way to go if you find that you aren’t being honest with yourself. Having to tell someone else that you went another week without speaking a word of that language you supposedly want to learn makes a difference. They will hold you accountable and you may make better progress because of it.



Create a visual representation.


Vision BoardEven as the lines and pages fill, it can seem like a collection of a million little things that don’t add up to much. This is a destructive mindset that can
come out of nowhere. One way to combat it and keep track of your progress is to create a visual representation of what you’ve done so far.

A colorful chart, a jar of coins, a series of progress pictures – as long as it tracks your goals and is in sight, a visual representation can help you measure your success.


Download an app or sign-up online.


There are dozens of great motivation apps available for phones and tablets. They allow you to log progress, but, more importantly, many have alerts that will remind you when you haven’t logged in to track yourself.

Mobile AppsSimilar tools are readily available online. Not only can you enter the steps you’ve taken toward your goals each day, but you can set your account to receive e-mail reminders when you haven’t visited in a while.

However you choose to track progress, be sure that you do it. There’s nothing like seeing proof of your hard work, and you can also use these records to look back and see how you’ve improved or how you could do better next time. No matter what, always keep trying and don’t forget what you’re working toward.





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