5 MMA Fighters That Don’t Look The Part

5 MMA Fighters That Don’t Look The Part

When you hear the word MMA fighter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re a casual fan maybe visions of Jon Jones or Anderson Silva come to the fore. If you’re a little old school, maybe images of Ken Shamrock’s tightly-ripped physique comes flashing by. At any rate, an “MMA fighter” is equal to “bulging, ripped muscles with scary face” to most imaginations.

Well, who’s to blame? That’s typically what a fighter is. Just think of Wanderlei Silva, Mirko Cro Cop, Rampage Jackson, and Dan Henderson— they’ll inspire fear into every mortal’s heart. However, it’s not always as we expect it to be. We should be old enough to know that.

Here are 5 MMA fighters who’ll shatter every  stereotype who you can think of when it comes to “MMA Fighters”:

5. Tamdan McRory

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Besides having such a cool name, Tamdan has a much cooler nickname: The Barn Cat. I don’t exactly know what how he got the nickname but as far as least intimidating fighters go, I’d call in McRory for president. It’s like all ordinary-looking fighters have a meeting and the most average looking in there gets to be the club prez. McRory is a freaking shoo-in.

Tamdan has been on a five-year hiatus an returned quite impressively in Bellator 123 scoring a knockout over Brennan “Worst Nickame Ever” Ward. He has fought again in Bellator 134, submitting Jason Butcher in the first round.

4. Royce Gracie

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Does he really look like a fighter to you? Well, I say remove the gi and you would have mistaken Royce for anything BUT a fighter. I would still even doubt him even if he was wearing one.

Part of Gracie’s success in the UFC is by never really looking the part of a typical MMA fighter. He just lays in there and opponents couldn’t get wait to smash the skinny guy in a white “bathrobe”. Turns out, that’s the biggest mistake of their lives all thanks to Gracie’s non-special looks.

3. Kazushi Sakuraba

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Come on man, seriously? Who would have mistaken that face for a fighter?

If you’re naive and unobservant, you’d just brush this guy off and those cauliflower ears of his. Cover those ears and I would have honestly thought he’s a farmer tending cows in Hokkaido. On a bad day, I may even have mistook him for a psych ward patient!

But then again, like Gracie, all of that facade comes out the window when it comes to Kazushi Sakuraba. Dubbed “The Gracie Hunter” in MMA circles, Sakuraba is known for taking on comers of different sizes and backgrounds and rules that anyone can make up. And then make the matches interesting, if not, entertaining. I would seriously challenge anyone to look for fighters as entertaining as Sakuraba’s and I know there exists no such man.

Conor? Hell, no.

2. Fedor Emelianenko

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When I first started learning about MMA, I was hearing the name like it was some sort of a No. 1 song in the Billboards. I’m reading this and the F-name pops up, I’m listening to that and there goes that same name again.

What’s with that? After I cared enough to watch some of old tape, there really was nothing much to make of the guy (outside his amazing skills, of course) but the flabby midsection and the unnerving calm.

Probably the best to ever put on a pair of MMA gloves is just this ice-cream loving guy you passed around in the corner. At least, that’s what he looked liked to me.

1. Roy Nelson

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If we ask a random guy and ask them to try telling what Roy Nelson does for a living, you’re either getting plumber, lumberjack, homeless, or a hotdog-eating champion. I mean, for heaven’s sakes, who would even think this guy is a fighter? He has a gigantic gut that will make Buddha blush, a mullet, and a thick bushy beard to top it all off.

“Big Country’s” weight has taken on a life form of its own since winning TUF 10. Opposing coach Rampage Jackson referred to Nelson’s belly as “the moon” and even went as far as Dana White insisting he should go down to 205 to save his career and life.

Apparently, he just couldn’t stay away from the double whoppers and the Big Macs. Not that he’s got a unique problem, but it’s insane to think how much does this guy really eat to stay at THAT weight while training at a high level.

Eight double-cheeseburgers a day is certainly not out of the question.

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