9 Reasons to Cruise

9 Reasons to Cruise

Cruising is an exciting, convenient, and reasonably priced way to visit new cities and countries and have fun with lots of activities.


Reasons to cruise: They’re filled with entertainment, activities, and all the food and drinks you can handle. Keep reading to find out why booking a cruise should be on your to-do list.


Carnival Cruise Lines


Great Value


One of the most appealing reasons to cruise is the price.

For the cost of a cross country flight, you can visit the Caribbean or the Bahamas for a weekend. And if you plan ahead, you can sometimes travel longer, for cheaper.

To get the best deals, consider traveling in the off-season, which varies by location. You can check some information at Cruise Critic. If you’re interested in cruising to the Bahamas or to the Caribbean  in the off-season, USA Today had some pretty good write-ups.

If you’re planning your first cruise, we kinda think Carnival is a good place to start as it’s tailored for fun and the fares are relatively cheap.




Another great thing about cruises is the variety of the ships.

If you want to relax more than you party, you might consider cruising with a company like Princess Cruises or Celebrity Cruises.  If you’re looking to mix it up, party, and hang out, Carnival may be more suited. Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have a great mix of mature fun and lots of onboard activities.

But that’s not all.

The various cruise lines don’t just offer a different atmosphere, they also employ multiple ships that come with lots of varying features that provide different things to do, on board activities, and destinations. The wide array of ships also means flexible ports of call, which means you can find convenient places to set sail, from California to New Jersey to Florida to Texas.


Celebrity Cruise




As mentioned above, there are ports of along the east, southern, and western United States, and that makes it super convenient to take a cruise.

Adding to this ease of starting your vacation is what actually happens on board. As a part of your cruise fare, your overnight accommodations are handled, your food and beverages are covered, and there are activities for every person. It’s really a one-stop shop, so to speak.

Another big convenience of cruising is the ease of moving between borders. When flying into another country, you have to supply a passport, but with cruising it’s not a requirement. If you have your birth certificate and a government issued ID, you can board the ship.

Further adding to the ease of cruising is booking your vacation. All cruise lines have their own websites, of course, but there are many other sites like Expedia or Cheap Cruises where you can sometimes find fares for less than on the company site and you’re able to compare the prices of multiple cruise lines, increasing your chance of getting a great deal.


Multiple Destinations


While there are short cruises that visit one port, you can select a cruise that docks at multiple locations. That means you can visit and experience more than one culture.

Depending on the schedule, ships will dock in the morning and give its travelers the whole day to explore. There are even some itineraries that dock overnight, allowing you to spend the night in some of the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean. While times vary based on weather and the itinerary


Royal Caribbean International


Activities & Excursions


There are more things happening on a cruise ship than you can take advantage in one sailing.

Most cruise ships offer Broadway-esque shows, pools, and games, but there is so much more to do.

Like taking risks? Try lady luck at casinos on board Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Norwegian, to name a few.

Want to go surfing, zip lining, or rock climbing? Royal Caribbean has that, in addition to sky diving and bumper cars on some of its ships.

Once at a Port of Call, there is an opportunity to be as active as you want. Activities that range from horseback riding to snorkeling to roller coasters to tours can all be found at various ports. You can even go parasailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving at a cruise line’s private island.

There’s never really a dull moment on or off the ship.


Family Friendly


Cruising is a great family vacation.

The whole family can create lasting memories with dedicated activities for kids, teens, and adults.  Children can participate in games and engaging activities around the ship.  This is a great way for your kids to have a unique experience and make new friends.

Some cruises go a step farther and offer extensive activities with kids in mind, like having parades or fireworks displays. And while most cruise lines kid-friendly things to do, no one does it better than Disney.





Want to leave the kids at home?

Most cruises offer adult-only areas, while some cruises don’t really cater to kids at all.  On board activities can include private meals, shows, spa services, and sunsets to die for.  If you’re looking for a fun way to get away with BAE, cruising will be a great option.


Making New Friends


People come from miles around to cruise.

With all the activities and dining options offered on board, you’re bound to make friendly connections with a stranger. If you didn’t bring the whole family, you might find yourself being seated with people you’ve never met before during dinner. Think of all the cool stories you can share and laughs you can have. If that doesn’t do it for you, make plans to check out the sports activities, karaoke, or games that lots of people tend to visit more than once throughout the cruise. That can be a cool way to link up with people who share your interests.

These are just a few ways you can connect with other cruisers. Even if it doesn’t last beyond the cruise, there are still lots of fun times to be had while on the ship.


Princess Cruises





From the moment you board the ship, there will be almost non-stop access to food and drinks, including alcohol.

Your cruise fare covers all of your food and some beverages, usually water, tea, and lemonade.  Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are additional, but all cruise lines have packages you can purchase to make it more convenient and sometimes cheaper to enjoy those specialty drinks.

But back to the food.

There is a buffet, a main dining hall, and specialty restaurants for you to choose from. These options provide lots of variety, from Asian to Steakhouse to Vegetarian options.  The best part is that the non-specialty eateries offer nearly unlimited access. That means you can have free reign at the buffet and even at dinner or breakfast. If you want to try all dessert options, all you have to do is order it and it’s brought to you.

If you’re curious about just how much food is prepared and eaten on a cruise, watch this documentary via National Geographic – Mega Food. It’s about 45 minutes long, but it’s so worth it. What they do is really extraordinary.


Norwegian Cruise Line


As you can see by the cruise lines’ videos, they are all different, each offering a different vibe, and they will all bring you a different experience.

We hope this list helps you and you’ll book a cruise soon.  It really a fun and affordable to experience good times with friends or family.





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