Ambition and Asking for Help

Ambition and Asking for Help

Ambition and Asking for Help

Ambition is usually seen as the trait of just one person, the sort of person who is going to do it all on their own. There is no doubt that if you want to succeed in achieving your goals, you will need to work hard, avoid excuses, and be able to rely on yourself for motivation and support.


However, few people succeed without help from others. Sometimes it is a series of little favors that enable us to devote time to our ambitions. Sometimes it comes in the form of a tip, a new contact, a loan, or even just advice. This help is given out of kindness, friendship, or simple do-gooding, without our even having to ask for it. But much of the time the people around us, whether family, coworkers, or acquaintances, simply don’t know we need help. In these cases, we must directly ask for the assistance we need.

This can be particularly hard for ambitious people. After all, you have prepared yourself to rely on your own individual efforts as much as you can. You are proud of your achievements and maybe you’ve even resisted help in the past. It isn’t uncommon for ambitious people to be a little too proud or self-contained now and then. If you have denied the advice and assistance of others before, you may feel ashamed to ask for their help now.
This fear or embarrassment can be a good wake-up call. It may indicate that you have not been treating others fairly as you have pursued your ambitions. It may can also mean you’re growing up or fully realizing what achieving your goals will take.

Regardless of whether you have had trouble accepting help in the past, asking for it can be hard. Don’t be afraid to do so; it isn’t weakness and it isn’t unfair, so long as you are prepared to help others and acknowledge the assistance they give you.

There are limits to how much help you can ask for. This depends entirely on your own situation, your past behavior, and the people you are seeking help from. You cannot ignore your responsibilities or push them onto others in order to focus only on what you want. These situations can ruin relationships and is a quick path toward taking advantage of others. Ambition is often accompanied by incredible drive and focus; however, you must remember that there must be balance to your life.

Be upfront about your need for help now. Express your gratitude and explain the situation fully. It is unfair to ask for help without letting them know what is going on.

If you need someone’s help, then you are asking them to be on your team. If they are going to support you, then you should be ready to pay them back in kind.

You may be more reluctant to ask for help from professionals or people you admire. If you would like advice from your boss on how to advance your career, if you need help from an unfamiliar coworker to finish a project, if you want someone to put a good word in for you…All these scenarios can inspire nervousness in even the most confident people.

Remind yourself that nearly everyone starts off needing help. It is nothing to be ashamed of and most people will be happy to help you in one way or another. And, when you finally achieve your goals, you may be the one who gives assistance to beginners.

Failure is a challenge which must be overcome again and again on the path to our goals. But we can discover new ways of turning potential failure into success if we are willing to ask for help when we need it.





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