Best Trash Talkers in UFC History

Best Trash Talkers in UFC History

Sports, like in MMA, is all about entertainment as much as it is about the competition itself. In fact, there might be no other sport other where you could be labeled “boring” and “stiff” by saying all the right things. Most fans love to be treated a bowlful of crazy, sometimes outrageous, quotes by fighters and some that have mastered the art of trash talking make their way up the ranks in terms of popularity. Or as in the case for some, in the rankings as well.

Here might be the top crew of mouth-runners to ever step into the Octagon.

Honorable mentions: Matt Serra, Brock Lesnar, Michael Bisping, Ken Shamrock, Jason Miller, Phil Baroni, James Toney (any boxer who talks his way into the UFC should be one hell of a talker)


Conor Mcgregor


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The way Conor McGregor runs his mouth, I won’t be surprised if he habitually trash talks his grandparents. “The Notorious” called Diego Sanchez the ‘slowest, sloppiest, fattest’ fighter he’s ever seen and even took a dig on Jon Jones via Twitter, declaring he wants a piece of the PPV revenue after the UFC announced he and Dustin Poirier were added into the UFC 168 card.


Patrick Cummins


patrick cummins

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We have inserted two newbies here for freshness’ sake and I definitely dig how Patrick Cummins got into Daniel Cormier‘s head at UFC 170, claiming he made Cormier cry and ‘broke’ him when the two trained together. Obviously, it turned out to be counter-productive for Cummins and the fact that he accepted the fight on 10 days notice sure didn’t help. But did you see how Cummins diss DC in the Fox Sports interview? Even Dana’s loving it!






The UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion speaks her mind all the time but it is in no way guaranteed she’ll be saying nice things. In one interview, “Rowdy” called Cyborg Justino an “it” and “ceased to become a woman anymore” after taking all those PEDs. Her trash talks are not confined to women, too, with Georges St. Pierre taking some heat from Rousey herself.


Dan Hardy


Dan Hardy


Dan Hardy is one of the more polarizing figures in the Josh Koscheck mold but “The Outlaw” has toned down the debris-dropping since riding a four-fight slide but has since reversed his fortunes with consecutive wins over Duane Ludwig and Amir Sadollah. However, Hardy was diagnosed with Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome and until he gets a medical clearance to fight again, he will remain on the shelf. Hardy may or not come back, but I sure could not forget him calling Koscheck a “turd that just won’t flush down.”


Frank Mir


Frank Mir is not usually an exorbitant trash talker. He only says what he feels and isn’t afraid to make an opponent’s weakness a highlighted topic. Before fighting Daniel Cormier at UFC on Fox 7, Mir thought DC’s stoppage of an unheralded opponent unimpressive, and said Cormier’s call-out to him post-fight was more thrilling than the actual fight itself. But when you’re looking for hateful tirade by Mir, look no further than his feud with Brock Lesnar. Mir’s comments probably were the most brutal pre-fight trash talk ever by saying he wanted to break Lesnar’s neck and for the WWE superstar to  be “the first person that dies to Octagon-related injuries.” Mir half-heartedly apologized for the comments after being approached by the UFC but admitted it was nothing more than an attempt to hype up the fight (as if it needed it). But you can see there’s hatred there. Too specific for my taste.


Josh Koscheck



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When Josh Kocscheck talks, everyone jeers. That’s just how it is with the guy and he’s absolutely loving it. He isn’t afraid to snipe a whole building of fans ( at UFC 113) and even told the whole of Montreal where he will be partying following the victory over Paul Daley. What’s amazing is the guy even trash-talks during and immediately after that fight itself, as admitted by the Pennsylvania native in an interview with Steve Cofield:

“I was talking to him (Daley) the whole last minute of the fight. Even when he threw his first jab. I said, ‘Wow! That was slow, Paul.'”

After the bell signaled the end, Koscheck left something on Daley’s ear, an undisclosed garbage of a thing he said worse than saying something about his mama. Semtex lost his cool and swung at Koscheck and that was his ticket out of the UFC.

“Partly because I egged him on. I just tried to whisper the last minute in his ear. You’re going to have to ask him what I said.”

Who in the world can piss off his opponent and legions of fans at the same time and lived to tell the tale? He’s a legend.


Quinton “Rampage” Jackson


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Where “Rampage” is, trash-talks goes. His quips can be funny and irritating at the same time and one of the most unforgettable was the “black on black crime” he promised to happen if he and Rashad Evans were to fight. The thing with Jackson is his ability to play with words, calling Ariel Helwani “The Little Mermaid”, “mistakenly” pronounced Lyoto Machida‘s last name, and calling out ( in a hilarious way) Rashad and Jardine after the pair won’t fight each other. And that’s all in one interview!

Another one of his classics? Directed to the “Axe Murderer” himself: “When I beat Wanderlei I’m a take his belt, pull his pants down and spank him for being so ugly.”


Tito Ortiz



Enough said.


Nick Diaz




Maybe the king of profanity-laced trash-talks, Nick Diaz is a volcano waiting to erupt. In an interview with Ariel Helwani (again, poor Ariel), he told the host after being asked if Diaz does not like Helwani: “I feel that you instigate fights quite a bit… I mean that’s your job, but where I come from, people like that get slapped.” In case you did not see the interview, I can see where all the Diaz’ alleged Asperger’s syndrome talks are coming from.

One of Nick Diaz immortals: “Don’t be scared, homie.”


Chael Sonnen




If you’re wondering who might be better than Sonnen when it comes to trash talking, wonder no more. That guy isn’t born yet!

Chael Sonnen is a stand-up comic, a professional wrestler, a rapper, and a salesman/politician all rolled into one. He has trash-talked his way into a mainstream figure and no other fighter comes close to his ability to innately (and articulately) diss opponents. From poetic valuations of himself to out-of-the line witticisms, “The American Gangster” is in a league of his own. Too many quotations to mention, so just watch and marvel at the Oregon native’s extraordinary mouth-running exploits.






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