Coaches, Doctor Play Down Anderson Silva Injury: ‘He Felt It Before’

Coaches, Doctor Play Down Anderson Silva Injury: ‘He Felt It Before’

Last Tuesday, it was reported that former UFC Middleweight kingpin Anderson “The Spider” Silva was rushed to a Rio de Janeiro hospital after experiencing sharp lower back pains after a training session. Silva, reports say, was trying get up from the mat after a jiu-jitsu workout but said all feelings of his legs were lost, and then collapsed to the ground in pain.

All indications during that Monday morning drama pointed to a very serious condition but as it turned out, the Brazilian’s five-round return bout after more than a year-long absence versus Nick Diaz at UFC 183 won’t be in jeopardy– at least for now.

Nothing to worry about? Anderson Silva’s latest setback was simply a case of lumbago, doctor said.

Silva’s diagnosis was no more than a case of lumbago, described as “pain in the muscles and joints in the lower back” and has nothing to do with the gruesome injury he suffered at UFC 168. It is quite a common occurrence on athletes particularly in combat and contact sports like football, for instance.

After a battery of tests and scans, it looks like the UFC’s all-time pound-for-pound best shall be given the green light to proceed in his training camp in no time.

“He felt a severe pain because of the contracture,” Dr. Marcio Tannure, a spinal expert, said via FOX Sports. “It really hurts a lot, but it won’t change anything in terms of training. The issue he had explains the pain but won’t get him sidelined or even cancel the bout.”

Tannure further explained that part of Silva’s recovery in his latest setback was to rest 10-15 days, undergo physiotherapy, and take anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate the pain.

“Strengthening and balance of the muscles are the best prevention for this type of problem, along with reducing the training intensity,” the doctor added.

Silva confirmed he will resume training shortly and is optimistic the January 31, 2015 headliner will push through as planned.

There will be almost a full three months between now and the Las Vegas event so let’s just hope Monday morning’s scene was just a scare and nothing more. To add to the optimism, Silva’s trainers indicated this wasn’t the first time the long-time champion has suffered from such impediment.

“He just felt a normal pain; we did not understand the proportion it took,” one coach, who preferred not to be identified, told “The pain can return, as he has already felt it before. But it is not going to harm his career. ”

After re-negotiating for another 15-fight contract late last month, it better be.

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