Conor McGregor Likely To Get Next Title Shot at 145

Conor McGregor Likely To Get Next Title Shot at 145

Love him or hate him, but you have to be impressed with Conor McGregor. The brash and sometimes cartoon-ish quips aside, the “Notorious” was able to talk the talk and walk the walk.

His first-round demolition of then #5 ranked ‘Diamond’ Dustin Poirier at UFC 178 was apparently enough to warrant the Irishman a title shot. At least, that’s what UFC President Dana White indicated.

“Here’s the thing: If you go down the list, every one of those guys has fought Jose Aldo already. Conor hasn’t,” White offered an explanation. “Who do you line up next for the champ other than Conor? Everybody else has fought him.”

After passing the supposed true first test in his UFC career with flying colors, Conor McGregor will probably move on to fight against the Jose Aldo-Chad Mendes winner in UFC 179. Photo credit: MMA Linker

White may have a point but he could’ve called attention to the more plausible truth about McGregor than the ‘Aldo has fought everybody but Conor’ argument. McGregor fills up seats and theres’s nobody in the division that can say the same. After all, MMA is a business so if you do have an incredible run like McGregor has and half the mouth that he possesses, then that’s the recipe right there.

McGregor’s antics and the promotion’s supposed special treatment of the 26-year-old have raised many eyebrows in MMA circles, the more vocal by far being #8-ranked featherweight Dennis Bermudez, who will go at it with former title contender Ricardo Lamas at UFC 180.

“That put’s me up there with Jon Jones and Chris Weidman and the highest win streaks of the UFC,” Bermudez spoke in an interview, referring to his seven-fight win streak. I’ll be a champion with those guys. Yeah to answer your question, yeah it’s annoying, but I mean f*** him, you know I don’t give a shit. I’ll get my shot. Whether it’s beating him up and then getting the shot, or I get the shot right away.”

Before White hinted at a possible crack at the featherweight belt, McGregor has previously declared he wanted Diego Sanchez in Mexico City, the same card Bermudez and Lamas is in. Apparently, he would have to change his travel plans.



Not that the big-talking Irish is complaining anytime soon.

McGregor is planning to watch Aldo and Chad Mendes bump heads in Brazil and having him in the planet’s MMA mecca would sure spice things up whichever way the fight goes. The 26-year-old Dublin native has been running his mouth and fists aplenty while repeatedly blasting Aldo in interviews every time he gets the chance. With that said, many people, including White, are leaning for Aldo to take care of Mendes the way he did at UFC 142.

Whether that proves true or not, expect nothing but ferociousness from McGregor in any form, who not only proved to be Ireland’s biggest single sports star right now, but seems to have garnered more and more attention in the U.S. Not really the endearing type of recognition, but who cares? Not McGregor, not me, and certainly not the UFC. Even Mendes wanted to give the Irish bad boy a shot after predicting a victory on Aldo.

If the UFC is foolish enough to put them in one cage, that is.

“The guy’s got a huge hype train, he’s got a lot of publicity behind him.  But honestly, if the UFC is smart, if Dana is smart, they will not put him in with a guy like me. There are multiple guys who will beat this guy in the division. I think I would kill him,” Mendes said in a FOX interview. “Dennis Bermudez, Clay Guida, Nik Lentz, all these guys that are strong, solid wrestlers that can take a punch and keep coming and just have great gas tanks will destroy him.”

Mendes may be right or he’s maybe wrong, but fight fans wouldn’t mind a hype train derailed too soon. If anything, they will be thanking him for it because there’s always someone to pick up the smack-talking torch.

Meanwhile, the Irish locomotive is still up and running and won’t be stopping anytime soon. Unless, of course, if someone badly wants to.

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