Depression Can Cut Employee Productivity

Depression Can Cut Employee Productivity

Depression At Work

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This list first appeared on Florida Weekly.

The demands of always being “on” work mode is having a damaging affect on the health of the workforce but it’s also having a negative impact on productivity and profits.

The irony is that the grind aimed at increasing productivity and profits is actually decreasing both.  According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace 2013, 70% of US workers are disengaged in addition to being stressed out and depressed.

Cowan’s research shows that most of depressed individuals would rather not come forward.

In order to change the tide, the way mental health is view must be altered, but there are also things managers and administrators can do to help their depressed employees.

How can leaders help depressed employees?  Cowan offers these suggestions:

Be proactive about helping employees treat depression.

Provide employees with workplace resources — including a mental health policy, wellness program and intranet materials — to help them take action to deal with their illness.

Know how to recognize the signs of depression.

A key step in providing employees with the care and support they need is knowing what signs indicate they could be suffering from depression.

Teach managers and team members how to ask “Are you OK?”

51% of employees believe that the most effective way to address harmful stress is “speaking to someone at work.” 

Make sure their work fits their strengths.

Engaged employees, doing work they’re good at, are happy employees.

Provide ways for employees to get exercise.

One of the common symptoms of depression is fatigue and an overactive mind and underactive body.

Read the full article at Florida Weekly to get more details. 

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