9 Big Reasons You Need to Focus on Mobility (Before it’s too Late)

9 Big Reasons You Need to Focus on Mobility (Before it’s too Late)

If you’re someone who’s into training your body and keeping fit, you’ve probably already heard that you should focus on mobility.


But how many of us actually put that theory into practice?


I’m not a betting man, but I’d take a guess that if you only have an hour or so to get into the gym or head to a class in the evening and you have to prioritise what goes into your workout, mobility is probably pretty far down your list. It’s probably right down there with core work and recovery…

Today I want to remind you just how important it is to make mobility a priority – whether that means a fifteen minute warmup at the start of your normal session, sporadic drills throughout the day, or even a simple routine you perform at every morning.


Here’s five reasons to get your joints moving the way they’re designed too.


1. Mobility work in the morning or before a workout will prep your body and allow you to check in with regards to where you’re at on that particular day.

It’s like running a diagnostics check. You’ll notice which areas are free, and which ones are tight and need more work.


2. Mobility training will loosen everything up and reduce the chance of you picking up an annoying injury.

If you do have an injury already, it will probably help you recover from it quicker.


3. Being more mobile will relieve a lot of the tightness around your neck, shoulders, hips and back, reducing the amount of pain you have to suffer through.

It just makes everyday living more enjoyable.



4. Mobility is the component of fitness that supports all other components of fitness – your foundation if you like.

The more mobile you are, the more potential you have to generate force, the more agile and the more efficient you will be.


5. Mobility in itself is functional – it transfers over into everyday life more than any other component of fitness.

Bending down to pick things up or playing with your kids or grand kids requires mobility more than anything.


6. Mobility will serve you in your old age.

The old adage remains true – if you don’t use it, you will indeed lose it.


Stretching - Black Girl


7. Regular mobility work will improve your posture and reduce the likelihood of picking up an injury or illness associated with the degeneration of your spine.

Remember, your spine is your lifeline.


8. Mobility work can be a great way to wind down, bring yourself into the present moment and de-stress.

It can almost be like a form of moving meditation.


9. It can be fun!

It’s a chance for you to just explore different movement patterns, move around like a wild animal and feel free.


Over to you!


Hopefully this short article has reminded you how important it is to work on your mobility. It’s something that most of us take for granted, but we really need to make it a priority if we want to remain active and pain free.

Later, I’ll take you through a simple mobility routine that will help free up your joints and prepare you for all of life’s challenges.

Until then, stay healthy!






Luke Jones

Luke Jones

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