Georges St. Pierre: We Need The ‘Bad Guys’

Georges St. Pierre: We Need The ‘Bad Guys’

If you have found yourself cheering for the villains one too many times, be it in movies or combat sports, be assured you’re never going to be The Joker when you grow up. In fact, even MMA’s ultimate good guy Georges St. Pierre openly admits he is rooting for the so-called “bad guys”.

Speaking to the media in Las Vegas, the former long-time UFC Welterweight kingpin explained the contradiction of who he is and who he loves to watch.

“As much as I try to be a good role model and a nice guy, my favorite fighters are the bad guys,” he said.

“I like the villains. Like in Star Wars, I like the Sith Lord better than the Jedi (laughs). They are way more charismatic. I like [former UFC light heavyweight champion] Tito Ortiz because I think he should be a legend of the sport. He is one of the greatest for what he did for the sport. He brought awareness to the sport. Everybody used to watch Tito Ortiz and everybody used to hate him back where I was. They hated him because he was a very arrogant guy and he used to dig a grave. But, I liked Tito Ortiz.”

Even though fighters like Ortiz, Conor McGregor, and Chael Sonnen act all arrogant and talks all kinds of trash to their opponents, they are simply playing a character. Truth is, GSP explained, even the cockiest of them when the camera rolls, can be very nice behind closed doors.



“If you talk to Tito Ortiz, he’s a very nice guy. It’s just that some guys, when they fight another guy they need to put in emotions to give themselves the extra energy to fight. I don’t need to do that,” he said.

“I don’t work like this, emotionally. I don’t need to hate my opponent. Some guys I dislike more than others, and some I like more. I try not to get attached to them. I don’t need to be disrespectful or saying anything. But, some guys that is what they do. They need to do that. It doesn’t mean they are a bad person. Like Conor Mcgregor, very nice guys, the nicest guy in the world if you meet him. Tito Ortiz, same thing. Chael Sonnen, same thing.”

It really does seem GSP is a fan of the villains and understand where they are coming from. To put the icing on the cake, the French Canadian said the sport of MMA may not be the crowd-drawer as we know it to be if not for guys like Ortiz, Sonnen, and McGregor.

“But, their characters, when they fight someone they like to put some animosity to promote the fight. And that is good, if everybody would be like me, it would be a very boring sport. It would be the most boring sport in the world. And if everyone was bad, then it would be bad, too. We need to have different personalities.”

It’s also interesting to note that GSP left out a notable name on his list of ‘bad but really good guys’ of MMA: that of his bitter rival Nick Diaz. I guess being on “promotion mode” all the time (if you consider the Diazes’ brawling antics as promotional) wouldn’t get you a spot on Georges St. Pierre’s list, after all.

For now, St. Pierre is training ‘all out of fun’ and hasn’t decided if he will make a return to active competition. If he does, will he consider doing a 180-degree and be the villain that he was in “Winter Soldier”? That’s highly unlikely, considering the comments GSP made, but it would be one heck of a twist in his colorful Mixed Martial Arts career.





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