God Once Played in The NBA

God Once Played in The NBA

Much has been said about Stephen Curry‘s impeccable shooting touch and how it propelled him to the MVP award and how it led the Golden State Warriors to the 2015 NBA Championship. But there’s also another facet of Curry’s game that the world is talking about: his handles. We all know that Curry is a magician with the ball but some say he’s got the best handles among current players. There are even those who say that he’s got the best handles ever. Those statements led us to this topic on the best handles the game of basketball has ever seen.




We to refer Chris Paul as “point god” because he is the current measuring stick for point guards in the NBA. Widely considered as the best point guard in the NBA today, Paul is a mix of a playmaker, scorer, leader and is also an excellent ball handler himself. However, Paul was at the center of countless memes after Stephen Curry immortalized him with a nasty double behind the back dribble in that made Paul fall down:



There are so many versions of that fall but we aren’t here to diss CP3. We’re here to talk about the handles that made him fall. You see, Stephen Curry changed CP3’s name to Chris Fall after that play. To be fair though, he wasn’t the only defender victimized by the NBA’s 2015 MVP:



Curry’s handles are definitely impressive but are they the best in the business? You can make and argument and it’s valid, but there are others too who can stake their claim.




The one current player who can best rival Curry’s handles is perhaps the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving:



It was really a pity we didn’t see Curry and Irving go head to head in the 2015 NBA Finals because that would have a ball handler’s dream match-up. But wait, let us ask a theoretical question: Who would be a better match for  Steph Curry:  Kyrie Irving or his alter-ego Uncle Drew?



That Uncle Drew video was the first of a series of videos from soda maker Pepsi. But we’re not here to promote any product so we won’t be showing the rest of the series except perhaps one, which will lead us to our next point of discussion:





Uncle Drew just did the “Shammgod Move”.  The what?

According to theclassical.org on 3.22.13:

“It goes like this: the offensive player throws the ball in front of his body before quickly using his opposite hand to pull it back, perform a crossover dribble and drive past the defender.”


Uncle Drew’s NBA persona, Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul are well known for the Shammgod. In fact, the Shammgod have showed up in a lot of their highlights but most of us didn’t know it had a name:



Now we now that it’s called a Shammgod. But where did that name come from?




courtesy of fifteenminuteswith.com


What basketball fanatic doesn’t know about Rucker Park? And which NBA great hasn’t played there? Just as the Madison Square Garden is the mecca of hoops, Rucker Park is the mecca of street basketball.

The streets of New York is known for playground legends, some of whom we’ve never even heard of. One of the greatest basketball players never to set foot in the NBA is the late “Goat” Earl Manigault. But much as we’d love to spread his legend, let’s stick to the topic of handles because New York brought out the best dribblers in the business: Rafer “Skip to My Lou” Alston, Kenny Anderson of the New Jersey Nets and God Shammgod.

Most of us know Skip to MyLou who played for 6 NBA teams, most notably the Rockets, Magic and Heat. We also know Kenny Anderson, the lefty PG who was half of the New Jersey Nets’ 1-2 punch with Derrick Coleman. But have you heard of the name God Shammgod? It sounds like a screen name or nickname, but it’s a real name that became famous in Rucker Park. Said Bill Aberer, Shammgod’s High School coach:

“(Rucker Park) is basically where he gained his reputation as being the ball handler that he was…Reputations are made there.”




courtesy of getty images.com


God Shammgod was selected by the Washington Wizards with the 45th pick in the 1997 draft after he led Providence to the NCAA’s 1997 Elite Eight, where they lost to the eventual champions Arizona Wildcats. Shammgod’s NBA career never took off as he played just 20 games with the Wizards. Instead, he would take his talents all over the world from China, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Croatia and it was the rest of the world saw his ball handling wizardry:



The video may not be conclusive, but here’s what some NBA legends had to say about the best handles they’ve seen:



Amen to Shammgod. God Shammgod has retired from professional basketball and there are only few highlights of him in the internet. But for those who witnessed his game first hand, they would say he had the best handles ever.

Stephen Curry is the hottest name in basketball right now and he has once in a lifetime handles too. Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, John Wall and Jamal Crawford have hot handles too. We’ve seen the likes of Allen Iverson, Tim Hardaway, Steve Nash, Jason Williams, Tracy McGrady, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas and Pete Maravich in the past. But none have a move named after them. It’s not getting a move named after you that makes you the greatest but it speaks of the respect and reverence people have of you. God Shammgod may or may not be the greatest dribbler of All-Time. But at least we now know that God once played in the NBA too.





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