How Good is Stephen Curry? Better Than His Video Game Version!

How Good is Stephen Curry? Better Than His Video Game Version!

Stephen Curry has been playing so well that’s he’s been compared to well, the video game version of himself.

And why not? The current MVP shoots three pointers at a video game like accuracy and makes threes from way, way out as if he were in a video game.


Back in November, that statement seemed like an exaggeration though because video game Steph looked too unstoppable:



Sure, Steph and the Warriors got off to a record breaking pace to start this season but it was too early to say that he was better than video game Curry.  But heading to the 2016 NBA All-Star game, we’ve got to go back to that tweet again because yes, the real life Stephen Curry of the 2016 season is playing like a video game character:


Right Next To The King

Video game Stephen Curry debuted in the NBA 2K16 as the second highest rated player behind LeBron James. But as the season progressed, his ratings improved as he continued to play at a very high level in real life. In the latest Roster Update  of NBA  2K16, Curry’s ratings have shot up to his highest ever. According to on 2.5.16:

“With the move up in ratings to 97 Overall with the NBA 2K16 roster update today, Curry is tied with peak LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the second highest rated players in the history of the league. Only Jordan had years for which he was rated 99 and 98.”

To be ranked next to the great M.J. is great. But despite the rise in his 2K16 ratings, the real life Stephen Curry may still be better.


Second To None

ESPN came up with an idea of comparing real life Stephen Curry against video-game Stephen Curry by asking the guys at Take-Two Interactive, the makers of NBA 2K16, to simulate 50 full length NBA seasons and see how video-game Steph would do in terms of statistics. They then compared it with the actual statistics of the real Curry right after the game where he scored 51 points against the Washington Wizards earlier this week. Here is the comparison:

Photo Credit: espn.go



Although the real life numbers are adjusted to 82 game figures, it just shows how Steph Curry has surpassed expectations, even after his sensational MVP season of 2015. Prior to his 51 point explosion against the Wizards last Wednesday, Curry totaled just 50 points in his last three games and caused experts to say he was on a slump. But just when they said that, Curry slayed the Wizards with 11 three pointers, including 7 in the first quarter. Only Curry and Deron Williams are the players to make 7 threes in the first quarter of an NBA game. Curry finished the first quarter with 25 points, the fourth of his career. LeBron has only two in the last 10 years. Steph also finished the half with 36 points, giving him a total of three and making him the only player to have three 36 point halves in the past decade. You want more ? Curry is the only player in NBA history to make 11 threes in two  different games. He’s also has the most games with 6-10 three pointers in one night. As stated above, he is on pace to make 388 three pointers this season. That would be 102 more than the record he just set last year and 90 more than the 2K16 simulations. Need we say more? Those are crazy numbers. Video game like, as we used to say. Not anymore.

We know now that real life beats fiction.  Stephen Curry is playing so good, he’s better than his own video game character. When did we ever say that before? Never.







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