Hiring the Right People

Hiring the Right People

If you own your own business or are in charge of hiring for one, you need to know how to choose the right people.


Everyone has their own method, but sometimes that method is best described as “winging it.” This is a terrible approach to hiring. Sometimes it includes emotionally-based decisions, at other times a reliance on seemingly strong techniques like personality tests or skills assessments.

This article briefly highlights the best ways to evaluate candidates. One of the most essential things you need to know is the importance of combining these methods. Just one leaves you vulnerable to mistakes, but using multiple tools yields better results.

A common mistake new businesspeople make is hiring based on emotions. These emotions usually center on feeling the candidate is like you, or someone you’d like to be friends with. Everyone knows interviews are nerve-racking for most people, but it isn’t so for all. A confident, easy-going candidate may be excellent, and you certainly want someone who will fit in, but don’t put mannerisms too far above other qualifications. The same goes for discovering they share the same interest as you, or you just get a good vibe. This doesn’t mean these things don’t matter, but they can’t overwhelm more important elements.

One of these elements is qualifications. It is important to know how much experience, and what type, is needed for the position. Setting the bar too high unnecessarily will encourage some great candidates from applying. Make sure that you research how to create good interview questions. You want to ask candidates to talk about their previous experiences and education in a way that reveals their capabilities and skills. Go beyond past job titles and look at the responsibilities and duties each candidate has held.

Personality and skills tests are other common hiring tools. These can provide great insights into each candidate’s style and abilities. The trick to this is choosing good assessments. Do some real research and pick testing companies who explain their methodology. A silly personality test pulled from the internet is likely to be easily manipulated and just annoys candidates – as you probably know from your own experiences.

The steps of the hiring process can change the way you perceive candidates. Of course, viewing applications or resumes and cover letters is the first step. You can’t spend too much time on these, but you will get better results if you do more than the famous ten-second recruiter scan. Next, you may want to do phone interviews to ensure the candidates can answer some basic questions. The real work begins with interviews. For those, you need to review resumes in greater depth.

Remember to take responsibilities, signs of growth, and indications of hard work into serious consideration. Make notes to help you prepare good questions. They should draw out candidates and force them to discuss their past work. This should include tasks performed, relationships with coworkers, how they tried to improve, etc.
If you are lucky enough to be in charge of a business or of hiring, take the responsibility seriously. If you are still planning your business, you can use some of these same ideas to find people who might help you out.





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