Top 10 Iconic Music Video Fashion Looks

Top 10 Iconic Music Video Fashion Looks

Since the birth of MTV, music videos has been a significant fixture and major influence in pop culture. More than just the music, these music videos have captured the public’s imagination and has jumpstarted certain trends. Some trends are regrettable, some trends are chic, and some trends have proven to be timeless. But whether or not you consider it stylish, one can’t deny the iconic status of these Top 10 Music Video Fashion Looks. Check out our picks below:

Beyonce’s Body Suit, “Single Ladies”

This video is proof that you don’t need fancy special effects or a dozen celeb cameos to make a video iconic. All you need is Queen Bey. Her black bodysuit and killer heels became an instant part of pop culture and fashion, immediately following the release of this video. Just look at the popularity of those black bodysuits now (see: Coachella style). Don’t even get me started on the amazing choreography!

Britney Spears School Girl Style, “Hit Me Baby One More Time”

An anthem to millenials (we were in the peak of our puberty then), you can’t possibly imagine the millenium/the 00s without Britney Spears. Her school girl outfit in her debut video has long become a staple of many a Halloween parties, and has spurred the upsurge of pom pom pigtails and plaid mini skirts when we were all in middle school.

Missy Elliott Trash Bag Chic, “Supafly”

You cannot touch Missy Elliott in this video. This song and this video was Missy Elliott at the height of her fame and her music prowess. That trash bag is simply unforgettable. Sidenote, I can’t wait for her new album to drop!

Michael Jackson’s Red Leather Jacket, “Thriller”

The King of Pop in one of the best videos, possibly of all time, from one of the best pop albums of all time. The cinematic quality of the video and the zombie dance moves, it is no doubt why his eponymous red leather jacket remains in our collective memory.

MC Hammer’s Pants, “U Can’t Touch This”

Everybody loves this song, whether they want to admit it or not. The loose and printed pants that MC Hammer donned in this video is the stuff of fashion trends now. From a piece of music history these pants have gone on to inspire trends like the harem and drop-crotch pant.

TLC Pajama Party, “Creep”

Consider this your inspiration for your next pajama party. Can you really forget the silky jewel-toned jammies in this bed? Now, this is what you call going to bed in high style.

Kriss Kross’ Backward Pants, “Jump Jump”

Love it or hate it, it’s pretty hard to erase the memory of these jeans worn backwards in this video. Another indication of its iconic status? These backward pants always makes an appearance during 90s costume party.

Kanye’s Shutter Shades, “Stronger”

Before Kanye West was part of KimYe and definitely before he was Yeezus, he was good ol’ Kanye in his shutter shades. One of his best tracks to date, in my humble opinion, the shutter shades he wore in this video became an unavoidable sight during the 00s, especially in the club scene. Cringe.

Janet Jackson’s Military Fashion Army, “Rhythm Nation”

Military style is making a comeback this fall. Think blazers with epaulettes and multi-pocket khaki jackets. But if you’re looking for more edgy style inspiration, look no further than this 80s Janet Jackson gem. Come for the fashion, but stay for the beats and dance moves.

Janelle Monae’s Suit, “Tightrope”

No bones about it, Janelle Monae is a modern fashion icon. Her fashion within and beyond her music videos are consistently on point. Her suit in “Tightrope” though, cemented her signature look and she is now and forever an icon for that.

So.. what do you think? I know, there are so many more iconic looks that I missed. But hey, I only have so much space. Maybe we’ll do a part two. Any suggestions?



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