Kalenna: Chamber of Sonic Secrets

Kalenna: Chamber of Sonic Secrets

Kalenna 2

Cutting her teeth for other singers across several genres, Kalenna initially became known for writing songs featured on some of the biggest artists of our era. A few of these artists include Christina Milian (Peanut Butter & Jelly), Charlotte Church (Moodswings), The Pussycat Dolls (Painted Windows), Ciara (Pucker Up), and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin (Put You Up On Game). Through her work on other artists’ albums and collaborations on soundtracks, Kalenna got the attention of record mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, who signed her to his label and placed her on a course that elevated her career to new heights.

imageAs a member of Dirty Money, featuring Sean Combs and Dawn Richard, Kalenna released four singles: Angels (featuring The Notorious B.I.G.), Love Come Down, Hello Good Morning, and Loving You No More (featuring Drake). From the strength of these singles and the album, Dirty Money was nominated in 2010 for the BET Best Group Award. When the group disbanded, this is when Kalenna really began to spread her wings and fly as a solo artist.

The Mixtape: Chamber of Diaries

While many artists use mixtapes as a form of removing the restraints placed upont hem by record labels, the mixtape offered a somewhat different vehicle for Kalenna: the format to showcase her fortuitous talents to the fullest. Whereas most singers on the commercial front are not known as all-around talents, Kalenna’s mixtape, Chamber of Diaries did more than what the usual mixtape does. It brought all her talents to the table as a singer/songwriter, rapper, and producer, talents that had been obscured as a member of Dirty Money. With Chamber of Diaries, Kalenna released all inhibitions, going full throttle to deliver songs that resonated so succinctly with listeners that her upcoming full-length album has become almost an after-thought.

imageKalenna’s voice jacknifes between grungy and sweet, and fans of grittier material will love some of the tracks released on
this project. Standouts include 6000 Sistas, Morning After, Party & Bullshit, Go to Work (Remix), which is just as we would expect Kalenna: un-repentant, un-cut, and lyrically un-bothered, spouting off lyrics that will turn the collective heads of any listener. Fans of Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, and Kelis will have a sonic field day breathing in Kalenna. No doubt about it: there’s alchemy in this R&B that the world needs to collectively drink in. From the rap to the romp, and even the stripper club banger, Kalenna has covered nearly all the genres and angles in this mixtape.

She is currently starring on the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and her official album release, Black Orchid, is arguably one of the most highly anticipated of 2015.  Listen to the lead single below!

Listen to standouts from Chamber of Diaries below!


  1. 6,000 Sistas Kalenna 3:37
  2. Morning After Kalenna 3:14
  3. Party Bullshit Feat. Lil Play Kalenna 3:59
  4. Go To Work (Remix) Kalenna 5:18

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