MayPac is Over, Let’s Move On

MayPac is Over, Let’s Move On

So where do I begin this peice: from the heart or from the mind?

Let’s start with the most commonly heard words right now: Floyd Ran All Night.

Sorry folks, but Floyd did not run tonight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. threw more total punches than Manny Pacquiao. He landed more punches: total, jabs and power punches. If Mayweather just ran all night, then he would have not thrown and landed as many punches as Compubox recorded. Believe it? Compubox has recorded boxing stats for over 30 years, I don’t think this one’s a joke.

Okay so let’s say Floyd did run (hit and run at least). But Manny, Roach, Buboy, Koncz and the rest of the world knew all along that Floyd would “run” all night. And why not? He’s doing it for 19 years now. Did we honestly believe that Floyd would really brawl with Pacquiao? That would have been suicide.

In the weeks leading to the bout, Freddie Roach said that they were prepared for whatever Floyd would do: Brawl or Run. Obviously, they weren’t prepared enough. It was clear that Pacman didn’t have a plan B or plan C. On the contrary, Mayweather was able to adjust during the fight itself because he weathered the Pacman storm that started from a solid fourth round from Pacquiao to the sixth round which Pacman also won in the scorecards. So who came to the fight prepared? It was Mayweather.

Roach also said before the fight that Floyd’s legs were shot. Whether it was just plain trash talk or poor scouting, Freddie was terribly wrong.

It was clear that Floyd won because he took Manny out of his game, it was just most of us didn’t like the way he did it. We didn’t see the usual Manny Pacquiao, right? He was far from the mini dynamo that we fell in love with a long time ago. Take a look at the punch stats:

Compare that to how they matched up before the fight:

Today’s numbers weren’t Manny-like and Manny himself fought like a different man. Yes, he did have his moments and won some rounds, but that was a given. Fact was, he was never able to dictate the tempo of the fight, and not fight with aggression on a sustained basis. Pacquiao couldn’t find his rhythm and that in itself is the proof that Mayweather outpointed Pacquiao: round after round. Despite getting outscored in the punch department, Pacquiao remained in the thick of the fight and even had an opportunity to salvage a draw. Take a look at the judges’ scorecards:

Forget Dave Moretti’s score, let’s focus on the two other judges. Glenn Feldman and Burt Clements had it 116-112 and all three judges had Floyd winning rounds 11 and 12. Had Manny Pacquiao put the pressure on Floyd, closed out the show and won those championship rounds, the fight would have been scored 114-114 on the two scorecards and the fight would have ended in a majority draw. Interesting?

Personally, I expected Pacman to have a strong finishing kick because historically, Pacquiao finishes his fights with guns blazing. Take a look at his stats:

Whether it was Mayweather’s elusiveness or something else, I do not know. But the fact is Pacman didn’t do enough to win the last two rounds period. Mistake or wrong judgement? Only Manny and Freddie can answer that. Or maybe this:

Yes, while it may be true he had a shoulder injury, he didn’t have to say it after the fight, just as he didn’t warn us beforehand that he had an injury. If they decided to go on with the fight, it was their call. Arum said the injury changed the complexion of the fight. That statement was unfair because this was Mayweather’s crowning glory.

Mayweather gave the more gracious post fight interview, giving Pacquiao credit. Manny should have just conceded defeat, instead he claimed victory. I love Manny Pacquiao to death but I scored the fight 118-10 too with 116-112 max (considering the close rounds). I am not a judge nor an authority in boxing but it was clear to me who won. Whether Pacquiao honestly felt he won or not, there is nothing to be ashamed of. He gave it his all and came up short. What else could we ask for? We aren’t disappointed. We are proud of Manny, as always.

People are saying Floyd won the belts but Pacquiao the hearts. Sadly, there are no moral victories at this point of their careers. Floyd is the best of this era period. As for a rematch? I believe that Floyd would beat Pacman every single time, because he will always “run all night”. Styles make fights they say.

Pacman said that his aggression and carelessness in the ring makes him a crowd darling, thus his huge fan base. But boxing is also a sweet science and Mayweather proved that. He is the living proof of that. Boring? Yes to the average fan. But to the purists, he is a master of the art. TBE though? Not yet. His image and criminal past always precede him.

And Pacquiao? There is nothing left to prove. If there was any stone left unturned in his career, this fight was it. We would have been left hanging if this fight didn’t happen. Now we can all die and join our Creator with the peace that we know Mayweather and Pacquiao fought in this lifetime.

I believe Manny and his team knew all along, with all honesty, that he didn’t have a shot a beating Floyd.-physically and skill wise. But hell, Pacman beat De la Hoya, Cotto, Margarito and Mosley and the experts gave him a theoretical chance of beating Mayweather. But remember Pacman started at 106 lbs and each time he’s climbed the weight classes, he’s lost his edge: speed and power. It may not be noticeable all the time, but Pacquiao hasn’t been the same destroyer since he stopped fighting at catch weights. Manny makes 147 pounds but even he himself admitted that he can easily make 135 pounds. Is he in the wrong weight class? I don’t know. What I know is that the big fights and the money is in this weight class. That’s what is important to Bob Arum.

The fans hated Floyd so much because of his persona that they wanted someone to break his unbeaten record. Pacquiao had the clean image and destroyer reputation that looked like the anti-Floyd. That’s the reason why this Mega Fight was born five years ago. There were so many reasons for this fight not to happen but as they say, there is always one signature fight for every generation. This is the one for ours. It had to happen.

I’m so glad this is finally over so our lives could go on without any dark cloud hanging above. Same with Manny and Floyd. There will no longer be what ifs in this generation’s boxing history because this fight should close the Mayweather-Pacman story. We all know who the best in this era is and it’s not Manny. But who cares, there is only one Filipino pride. And we are truly proud of him.

Thanks Manny for the excitement, the victories, the world titles, the knockouts and for showing us that we can be one nation, even for a day and for giving us Sunday bonding time with our families twice a year. I don’t care how much I spent to watch you fight from the time you started airing in PPV. It was worth every hard earned centavo.

But I hope you give Floyd his due too. I hate him as a person but not as a boxer. As Booker T says, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

I’m not as religious as you, but this is the will of God. Now that it’s done, it’s time to move on. I know He has Bigger plans for you. There is no one out there to left fight and there is nothing more to achieve. Your are the best this nation has ever had. The best there was, there is and there ever will be. I’m not your manager nor your coach. I’m not an advisor nor am good at it. But Manny, hang up those gloves, your kababayans need you more than Bob Arum does.

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