Michael Bisping and Cung Le ‘Rightfully’ Engage in Verbal Conflict Before the Real War

Michael Bisping and Cung Le ‘Rightfully’ Engage in Verbal Conflict Before the Real War

As far as divisional rankings and ramifications go, Michael Bisping taking on Cung Le in Macau this August 23 for UFC Fight Night 48 makes little sense. In entertainment value, however, that’s another story.

The 35-year-old Bisping has always been the UFC’s resident mouth-runner since being the TUF 3 Light Heavyweight winner in 2006 having engaged in pre-fight verbal battles with practically every single one of his opponents.

Now let’s add the Saigon-born Le to that long, but hardly exclusive, list. Judging from his past forays, you might guess Bisping won’t be having a hard time finding smudge to throw Le’s way.

Listen, Cung Le is basically back in the UFC to boost his brand and remind everybody of his existence,” the Manchester, England native said in a recent interview. “He hasn’t fought in a couple of years, so I’m guessing his profile has dipped. He’s probably not getting too many embarrassing kung-fu movie offers right now.”

“The Count” also went as far as saying the 42-year-old Vietnamese-American is a “phony” and dissed Le’s connection with famous Hollywood actor Channing Tatum. For good measure, he even bared a little strategy behind all the talk while continuing to mock Le’s craft on the big screen.

“I’m going to put a beating on him, and he can disappear again back to B-movies,” continued the outspoken Brit. “I have to close the distance on him, because he needs space to generate power in those fancy kicks of his. He’s got nothing at close range; everything is at a distance for him.”

Michael Bisping needed the fight more than Cung Le, but either way, it promises to be an entertaining affair on and off the Octagon.

Michael Bisping know he needs the fight more than Cung Le does, but either way, it promises to be an entertaining affair on and off the Octagon.

Bisping may come across as a douche to some (ask Luke Rockhold) but there might be no better time for him to come guns-a-blazing in front of a microphone than now. His career has practically zero momentum (2-3 in has last five fights) and is nowhere near the title picture whatever happens in Macau.

Of course, a “W” is way better than a loss, but you won’t expect a big enough spike in the rankings fighting a 42-year-old coming off a two-year absence.

Case on point, Bisping should do anything to entertain off the Octagon and be ruthless in it, simply because he needed this fight more than Le does. It’s the only way for him to maintain his relevance though I doubt there was anything left to maintain.

He has been doing an ‘admirable’ job so far smack-talking in the interviews, and given Le’s rather affable personality, it is one of those fights that needed some sizzle before the actual fizzle. Good for us, the former Strikeforce 185-lb champion is not planning to let Bisping do all the sizzling and fizzling.

“He’s just like Frank Shamrock, who went on YouTube, and talked a little trash,” Le said.  “When he’s talking, I’m training. I’m ready and I’m in shape.”

“Michael Bisping is known for it. It doesn’t bother me at all. I’m really thick-skinned. I don’t have a good line, but I have a lot of combinations on August 23rd for his face.”

And what is Cung Le planning exactly?

“The flying tornado, the spinning wheel kicks and lightning followed by thunder. I can’t wait to kick Michael Bisping’s  face in Aug. 23 in Macau.”

For sure, we’d expect and settle for nothing less. The trash talking part, though, there could be something more brewing for the next couple of days leading into the fight, especially from Michael Bisping.

Not that I’m complaining.

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