Must-Watch UFC Offerings In 2015

Must-Watch UFC Offerings In 2015

The UFC did not have a particularly good roster of events last year, thanks to a myriad of injuries on champions and its top stars.  That’s about to change. Quickly.

Here are the headliners of the MMA’s top promotion for the first two months. Save some money for the PPV, folks!

Jon Jones versus Daniel Cormier, UFC 182 on January 3

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This is one of those fights that do not really need them lengthy introductions and cheesy pre-fight hype-ups. The altercation in Las Vegas did not have to happen for this to sell. Dana White can stay home for the holidays (not doing anything) and this match-up would still generate millions as easy as Dong Nguyen‘s Flappy Bird. White and Joe Rogan could say this fight has the makings of being the best in the history of MMA and I believe them. All superlatives apply and no one bats an eyelash.

“Bones” is the undisputed No.1-ranked fighter in the world today but DC’s world-class wrestling, top-notch strength and deceptive quickness could alter the outcome at any moment. One is breaking records at 27 while the other is a former Heavyweight champion. Thirty-six fights between the pair with no defeats? It doesn’t get any better than this! (Jones’ only official loss is through disqualification, which doesn’t really count in my book, or anyone’s, for that matter.)

Conor McGregor versus Dennis Siver, UFC Fight Night 59 on January 18

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The motor-mouthed Irishman is already talking about lofty things like the veteran Dennis Siver is nothing to him. That may or may not be true, but “Notorious” just doesn’t run out of colorful things to say.

“It is a mismatch,” McGregor quipped when asked what he thought of the Siver match-up. “I’m gonna whoop his a##. I’m gonna collect my paycheck and then I’m gone.”

Bottom line: If you want to be entertained, you can do so much worse than watching Conor McGregor.

Alexander Gustafsson versus Anthony Johnson, UFC on Fox 14 on January 24

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If Jones vs Cormier is the best fight at 205, then Gustafsson vs Johnson is a close second. There are no denying the skills both men possess and along with Cormier, these two are the most immediate threat to the light heavyweight throne. (We all know how Jones vs Gustafsson went.)

Boy, Johnny Bones has his work cut out for him.

Anderson Silva versus Nick Diaz, UFC 183 on January 31

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Are you kidding me?

This main event features the return of both Silva and Diaz after a long hiatus (for different reasons, of course). I don’t mind that there is no title on the line but every time you have two of the most “devil-may-care” personalities in the Octagon at the same time, you just have to shed 50 bucks.

Chris Weidman versus Vitor Belfort, UFC 184 on February 28

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Probably the richest and the most star-heavy event in the first two months, not only UFC 184 feature two hard-hitting middleweights but UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will also make an appearance against Cat Zingano. Likewise, Antonio Silva, Frank Mir, Ronaldo Souza, Yoel Romero, Mark Munoz, Jake Ellenberger and Josh Koscheck are also in the card.

That means  another 50 bucks well spent.

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