Photos: Darren Wilson’s Injuries (Warning: These Images Are Not Graphic)

Photos: Darren Wilson’s Injuries (Warning: These Images Are Not Graphic)

Following the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was examined.  Although there were conflicting reports as to the extent of his injuries, it is clear from the newly released photos that Wilson sustained no serious injuries consistent with someone who was in a fight for their life.

The following photos detail the extent (or lack there of) of his injuries following his so-called altercation with the teenager in which he feared for his life, and was thus legally justified in using deadly force (according to the law).


Warning: These images are NOT graphic.


Darren Wilson Injuries 1Darren Wilson Injuries 5Darren Wilson Injuries 2 Darren Wilson Injuries 3 Darren Wilson Injuries 4These images were presented to the Ferguson grand jury.


So, if you look like this, you are justified in killing an unarmed teenager.

Do these images look like those of a person engaged in a battle for his life?


In case you need a reminder, this is what Michael Brown looked like following the encounter:

Michael Brown, Darren Wilson


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