Urbyn Loft Exclusive: Rashaun Will, ‘Gift From God’ (part 2)

Urbyn Loft Exclusive: Rashaun Will, ‘Gift From God’ (part 2)

Fans of Hip Hop artist Rashaun Will, the wait is finally over. His album Gift From God is finally here. In a follow-up to our exclusive interview, we got more insight into his creative process, what listeners can expect from his release, and the balance he maintains between his professional and private life.



What is your creative process in the studio?

I like the studio lights low. I’m not into having a bunch of people in the studio. Just me, the engineer and producer, depending on my mood is how the record will come out. I don’t go into the studio thinking one particular theme.




With few artists attaining gold or platinum sales these days, live shows are the biggest money stream for performers. Do you feel that most artists today are ready for the stage, or are they hiding behind advanced technology?

Well now it’s like everybody’s rapping, so everyday I stumble on to a new artist who is probably popping but you never seen’em perform so it’s pretty much whatever works for you. I don’t mind it. I’ve seen artists do 100 shows and not capitalize off it, but then there is the artist who has over 100,000 followers on the web who is making noise.


There is no bonafide blueprint for success when it comes to the music industry nowadays, and Rashaun Will has seen the evolution of the business over the last ten years.


How optimistic are you on ‘real’ Hip Hop becoming the norm in the U.S. again?

Not really. If it does happen, that’s good. I’m already full blown Hip Hop so I will be ready when or if it does happen.




The n-word can be heard everywhere these days, but Rashaun Will goes deeper than the norm with one track that provides some depth that will resonate with listeners.


Give fans insight into the song ’N*gga in a Suit’.

It’s very controversial because I feel no matter how much money you make or success you achieve don’t forget – or shall I say remind yourself – you’re still Black and if you didn’t have the money and success you wouldn’t matter to a lot of these undercover white supremacists. So from my experiences I created this record because I have seen and dealt with this type of treatment in everyday life.


Rashaun Will goes beyond conventional hip hop to cover issues that are currently lacking from mainstream. is one song on his album that reflects what is happening in today’s racially charged atmosphere. 


Which song(s) on your new album is your personal favorite and why?

X is my favorite song because it’s real direct and to the point on how I feel about today’s racial division, police brutality, and politics. I’m proud to be who I am as a Black man and won’t apologize for it either.

Rashaun Will 9How do you balance your professional career with your private life?

I never let the two meet, so you will never know who I deal with behind the scenes unless you around me. I stand firm behind “business never personal”.


Which commercial and indie artists are you listening to right now?

Honestly, the only time I listen to music is when I’m in the gym, so it’s real random. But I like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Slaughterhouse, Lupe Fiasco,  just a name a few.


How else are you planning to expand your music career? Are you looking  to produce other artists?

Yeah. I’m currently working on records for other artists after I finished up this Gift From God album. I’m focusing on ghostwriting.


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