Serena Williams IS The Greatest Of All Time.

Serena Williams IS The Greatest Of All Time.



Serena, hoisting one of her six Wimbledon singles trophies



This is not up for debate any longer.

Despite the critics that slam her commitment to the game, her physical frame, her beauty, and her temperament, Serena Williams has continued to silence the naysayers that cannot debate the fact that in her mid-30s, she is doing something that no other major sports star – male or female – has ever done.

Get better with age.

When most greats reach a certain age, their fans hope that they can muster another win, another championship, another trophy. With Serena Williams, you expect it because you inherently feel that she still has the goods to make it happen.

And she does.



game, set, and NO match when it comes to any serious contenders to her throne


Her stellar professional career also extends to her life off the court as well. Unlike many other greats that have had questionable private lives, Serena has led her life honorably and without incident other than a few expletives during the match. As a black woman dominating a white sport, it’s shocking she has not had more of those.

And for a sport that has been primarily lily white, Serena Williams and her sister not only radically changed the way women’s tennis was played, truly introducing big babe tennis to a new legion of fans, but they almost simultaneously saved tennis from boredom. Since the age of 17, Serena has been a household name, known as much for her wins as for her flashy attire on the court. For those that were not fans of tennis at all, they probably remember where they were when she debuted her catsuit at the U.S. Open, or her Wonder Woman boots, or a number of other eye-catching clothes from her line.



together with Venus, the Williams sisters have dominated women’s tennis for the past 15+ years. And counting…


Every champion must be challenged, and Serena has had her share. Several high profile injuries, losing her older sister Yetunde to murder, and her parent’s rumored acrimonious divorce were just a few. And when most players are at their prime, Serena won only one major championship between the ages of 22 and 25. At the time, many tennis experts claimed Williams was washed out and was not committed to the sport as much as her other interests. But as usual?

Serena silenced the critics.

From 25 to age 30, Serena won six majors and since the age of 40, when most professional athletes are retiring, she is closing in on more records, as she currently stands within striking distance of Margaret Court’s current record of 24 major titles. But Margaret Court never had to battle a crop of girls this motivated, driven, and athletic. And even still. Still?

Serena is heads and shoulders above the rest.



always primed and poised with her eyes on the prize


Like a great red wine, Serena Williams continues to get better as she ages, and she is playing better in her 30s than almost any other time in her career. To call her success at this point in her career unheard of is the understatement of sports. Not only is she winning, but she is dominating. Her second ‘Serena Slam’ only solidified what many have been saying for more than a few years. Not only is Serena Williams the greatest tennis player of her generation.

She is the greatest athlete – male or female – of her era.

To compare, there are several great tennis players that never captured what is considered to be the hardest major to win, the French Open. Neither Sampras, McEnroe, or Becker could manage to win in Paris, while Serena has managed to win the French Open three times, and won more than five times at each of the other majors – the Australian Open, U.S. Open, and Wimbledon. Her athleticism and razor sharp concentration are the reason to her continued success.




criticized in the beginning, these days Richard Williams is credited with cultivating two champions


Serena Williams, when she is playing at her peak, plays the game with such poise and precision that it is beautiful to watch her strokes, which are the kind that tennis coaches the world over are now trying to get their protégés to emulate. When asked as a child who she wanted to follow and emulate, Serena Williams seemingly already knew she was destined for great things…

“I’d like others to be like me.”

Serena’s wish has been fulfilled many times over as little girls everywhere now want the assets that have turned Williams into an iconic champion.







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