Steph Curry is Strength in Numbers

Steph Curry is Strength in Numbers

Strength In Numbers. We’ve heard that all season long from the Golden State Warriors. But more than the slogan itself, the true strength of the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors comes from the numbers Stephen Curry has produced all season long.

Splash Brothers: 286+239=525

That tweet is only partially correct because 525 wasn’t just more than the Grizzlies’ overall 3FG total, it was also better than the team totals of  the Wolves (406), Kings (461), Wizards ( 497) and Hornets (498) during the 2015 regular season.

If you think that’s impressive, this one puts it over the top: The Splash Brothers first set the record for most three pointers in a single season by teammates when they totaled 483 in 2012-13 ( the same season when Curry set the All-time record of 272 three pointers made in a one season). The previous record for that was set by Dennis Scott and Nick Anderson of the Orlando Magic in 1995-1996 when the duo combined for 435 triples. But the Orlando pair set their mark during one of the three seasons where the NBA shortened the three point distance to a uniform of 22 feet. Starting the  1997-98 season, the league reverted back to the distance of 23 feet and 9 inches ( 22 feet at the corners). In the 2013-14 NBA season, Curry and Thompson broke their own record by adding one three pointer from their previous record or a combined total of 484 trifectas. This season, the duo broke their record again, this time by 41 triples with Curry setting a new single season record of 286 made three point shots this season.

So while the Splash Brothers aren’t the best backcourt in the history of the NBA, at least not yet, they are without doubt the best shooting backcourt tandem the game has ever seen. Scary thing is, they’re getting better year after year. Scarier thing is, it’s starting to show in the win column.  After an inspired first round series exit in last season’s playoffs, the Warriors are now in the NBA Finals for the first time since 1975,  the year when the franchise won its only NBA title.

Curry Corner: 12-13 (92.3%)

Remember Curry’s epic three pointer against the Pelicans?

Steph hit that near improbable shot from the “Curry Corner” which is geographically located at the left corner of the basketball court. If you still think that it was a lucky shot, hear this:

Well that was May 23 and after two more games played, Curry’s an overall 12-13 from the left corner three point area going into the NBA Finals. Now that’s a mind boggling 92.3% from that spot. And yeah, not many were open shots because these are the playoffs. It’s just that the left corner three point area belongs to Stephen Curry. No, this one sounds better: Stephen Curry owns the left corner three point spot.

Playoff Record: 73 and counting

Curry has made 28 more three pointers in the 2015 playoffs than any other player with 73.  Those 73 threes are the most made by any player in a single postseason. Prior to the new record, Reggie Miller made 58 three pointers in 22 games during the 2000 Playoffs. And Curry?

59 in 13 games sounds absurd. 73 in 15 games is out of this world. Curry averaged 5.0 three pointers per game against the Pelicans, 4.3 against the Grizzlies and then 5.4 against the Rockets. At 73 right now and with a full Finals series ahead, he’s on pace to reach 100 if the series goes to Game 6.

2015 MVP

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Now these are the most important numbers: 23.8 points per game (sixth in the league), 7.7 assists per game (sixth), 2.0 steals per game (fourth), 44.3 percent from 3-point distance (fourth) and 91.4 percent on free throws (first).  Here’s one more: The Dubs outscored their opponents by 16.6 per 100 possessions when Curry was on the court and were -1.2 when he sat at the bench during the regular season. These were Stephen Curry’s regular season numbers and what earned him his first MVP award , and rightfully so.

This is where “Strength in Numbers” is right now:

The Warriors closed out the Rockets in Game 5 104-90 to advance to their first NBA Finals since 1977.

While it is true that the Warriors’ strength is the depth of their roster ( 9 players averaging at least 4.0 points per game and 8 players playing double digit minutes per playoff game) and unselfishness of the team ( #1 in playoffs with 25.1 assists per game and 8.1 secondary assists per game), but  it’s been the strength of Stephen Curry’s MVP numbers that has led the Warriors’ record breaking season.

Strength in Numbers” began as a catchphrase for opening night:

Now it’s been brought to life by Stephen Curry and has brought the Warriors to within four wins away from winning the NBA’s ultimate prize.





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