The ‘Axed’ Murderer: Wanderlei Silva Gets Lifetime Ban From NSAC

The ‘Axed’ Murderer: Wanderlei Silva Gets Lifetime Ban From NSAC

Wanderlei Silva has been known to swing the hammer throughout his career, but this time around, the gavel comes down hard on him.

The “Axe Murderer” was prevented by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to compete ever again in the state after the Brazilian literally ran away from a pre-fight drug test last May 24. Moreover, Silva was unanimously decided to pay a $70,000 fine.

Silva, 38, was not present during the hearing but was represented by his lawyer Ross Goodman. In a previous inquiry hearing, the Curitiba, Brazil native admitted he was taking banned diuretics at the time of the random test for a supposed UFC 175 bout against Chael Sonnen, prompting him to head to the nearest airport and jumped on a plain to Brazil. The diuretics, Silva said, was to help reduce the inflammation for a wrist injury he suffered.

Goodman, however, insisted that the NSAC didn’t even have the right to dish out any punishment of some sort against his client.

The Last of the Axe Murderer? Wanderlei Silva has been banned indefinitely by the NSAC and was required to pay a $70,000 fine. Photo credit:

Silva’s camp pointed out NAC 4867.850, a ruling that supposedly disallowed the commission  to enforce a disciplinary action to a fighter who was not even licensed by Nevada in the first place. For Goodman, it was a jurisdictional matter.

Still, Commissioner Bill Brady rejected the lawyer’s challenge and called attention to the fact that the NSAC often give fighters their license just days before a fight. “To say we don’t have jurisdiction because we issue random drug tests out in advance, just doesn’t work,” Brady contended.

Deputy Attorney General Christopher Eccles and Commisioner Pat Lundvall connived to push for a harsh punishment for the former Pride Grand Prix champion. Apparently, running away from a test is beyond unacceptable and viewed by the committee as a mortal sin.

“I’m suggesting to the commission that you send a message that Mr. Silva will never be licensed here,” Eccles said. “When you run from a test, that’s about the worst thing you can do.

“I’m trying to think of a worse thing. Maybe submitting fake urine. Obviously having a lot of steroids in your system is pretty bad, but running from a test, it’s really terrible for the sport. It’s terrible for all the clean athletes out there and I think that to send this deterrent message, you really just need to say, ‘Don’t ever come back here.'”

Commissioner Skip Avansino further called Silva’s behavior “abhorrent” while Commissioner Anthony Marnell also expressed his favor on giving out ‘the harshest penalty’ for the famed fighter.

Marnell said: “I truly believe that in my heart and it is the only way, the only way, in any regulated or commission sport, to start to clean the sport up and let the athletes of all types be on notice that it’s a zero tolerance for this.”

Just last week, Silva– who was known for his ultra-aggressive, fan-friendly style– announced his retirement from the sport he has professionally been doing since 1996. He blamed the UFC for ‘taking away his desire to fight’ and ‘making his fans turn against him’. Meanwhile, the one-time Middleweight champion reacted (not so well) after getting the lifetime ban from the NSAC on his Twitter page.

“Those who are trying to take me down, come get it,” Silva wrote. “War is just beginning, sons of b—–s. They will see that we’re the ones who run this s—t, bunch of playboys.”

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