Lakers’ Worst Season Ever Has Taken A Dramatic Twist

Lakers’ Worst Season Ever Has Taken A Dramatic Twist

The Los Angeles Lakers’ worst season ever has just gotten even worse and may even go further downhill from here. And it’s not just because of the Kobe Bryant farewell tour.


From Purple and Gold To Black and Blue


If at all there was anything “good” about Monday’s loss, it was that the 2016 Lakers avoided the infamy of being the sole holder of that abysmal record. The 2013-14 Lakers also lost by 48 points, 142-94 , to the Clippers on March 6, 2014 so Byron Scott and his crew can still sleep at night. Regardless though, a 48 point blowout is a 48 point blowout. It was also the largest winning margin in the history of the Utah Jazz franchise and the worst defeat in Kobe Bryant’s legendary career. Prior to this one, Kobe’s worst ever defeat was by 36 points and that too was set earlier this season in a game against the OKC Thunder. Bryant played bad, shooting 1-11 from the field in 28 minutes. That 9.1% shooting clip was the third worst in Kobe’s career ( minimum of 9 FG attempts ) but a 48 point loss isn’t just because of one man, it’s a team effort or the lack thereof.


No “I” In Team



Kobe Bryant may be the best offensive weapon the game has ever seen, but he cannot singlehandedly carry his team on his shoulders, not especially at age 37 when he’s getting video tributes before the start of games and signing shoes at the end of each. This is his retirement tour and the Lakers have sacrificed one full season to pay tribute to his legend. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the team can just sit and clap at Kobe too. As a team, the Lakers shot a paltry 26-85 from the field or 36%. The Lakers’ starters combined for just 12-51 from the field and only Lou Williams shot the ball well at 4-6 from the field. Williams and Jordan Clarkson were the only players in double digits, scoring 16 and 12 respectively. But the failure at the offensive end can be forgivable, the one at the other end isn’t. The Lakers were out rebounded 57-37 and allowed the Jazz to connect on 46-89 from the field or 51.7% including 17-32 from the three point area or 53.1%. Rodney Hood went 11-13 in the first half, including 6-8 from downtown to pace the Jazz. Good for the Lakers, Hood didn’t attempt a shot in the second half or the score might have been worse.

From Trust Issues To No Trust At All



Trust is the rock of all relationships. It applies to in basketball. We’ve heard this “trust issue” thing since the season started and part of that can be attributed to the Lakers’ young core led by Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell. But the issue on trust took another level when this highly controversial video came out on social media last week:




Let’s cut the details. What happened here was D’Angelo Russell secretly recording a private conversation with Nick Young. Whatever happened next, the video went viral on the internet. Now, sources are saying that a rift caused by that video was the main reason why the Lakers played half-heartedly ( or less than that even ) against the Jazz on Monday. According to sources, that video has been the talk of the Laker locker room since it came out in the open and it has strained relationship between Rusell and his teammates. The gossip out of tinseltown is saying that the team is handling the issue by “isolating” Russell literally. In a report by ESPN, it quotes one source saying that nobody sat with Russell on the table during a recent breakfast meeting and in another instance, he sat beside Lou Williams in the locker room and Lou just left. If this is indeed true, then the relationship has worsened from trust issues to no trust at all. Not good at all for the Lakers’ worst ever season.

Lakers’ Worst Season Ever 



Monday’s defeat, which by the way is just the 4th most lopsided loss of the season ( thanks goodness ) dropped the Lakers to 15-59 on the season. The Lakers have the second worst record in the NBA behind the Sixers, which is good for their legacy and not so good for their chances at winning the draft lottery. The Lakers’ worst ever season on record was the previous season, where they finished 21-61. With 8 games left to play, it’s hard to imagine this team winning at least six more just to tie the last season’s win-loss record and once again avoid the ignominy of being the sole holder of an acidulous record. Their off-court woes only make it worse. As Magic Johnson again tweeted, Kobe is the only silver lining of this season:



Unfortunately ( or fortunately?), it may not only be Kobe Bryant we’ll be saying goodbye to at the end of the Lakers’ worst ever season. Not after all this mess in LaLa land.





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