Top 6 Cookie Lyon Fashion Moments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what Empire is. The runaway TV show hit of the year has broken all records, astounded critics, and attracted a fiercely loyal fan following.

If you know what Empire is and watch it religiously, you already who Cookie Lyon is. And just like everyone else, you pretty much stand by this undeniable fact: Cookie Lyon is THE BEST.

Cookie Lyon’s razor sharp tongue, larger-than-life personality, and take-charge attitude makes her the most watchable and lovable TV characters there is. Two things take Cookie Lyon to the next level: her memorable and insanely quotable one-liners, and of course, her amazing fashion.

Here are my personal picks for Cookie Lyon’s best fashion moments:


Leopard print is Cookie’s signature. Worn with a vintage Chanel medallion pendant and a super chic black cape, she takes it to a whole new level of stunning with a colored and patterned snakeskin clutch. I mean, she wore this to go to a barn! Instant style icon status.



Although her outfits are predominantly animal print and slinky in silhouette, Cookie shows off her sweet and feminine side too. This digital print floral frock is simply to die for.


She looks just about ready to take down Boo Boo Kitty in this purple fur stole. I love the way Cookie does power dressing. Instead of pant suits, she goes for maximum pow with animal prints and fur. She oozes confidence while turning up the glam in the boardroom too.


All leopard everything. Who else but Cookie Lyon can pull this off? AH-MA-ZING. This basically defines personal style.


This is the ultimate fashion face-off, Naomi Campbell vs. Taraji P. Henson as Cookie. Her white jumpsuit and high fashion ponytail is one of her most elegant and fashion forward moments on the show. Gotta love her delicate gold jewelry too.


She glows beside Malcolm (I love those two together!) in this sleek wraparound leopard print dress. The metallic sheen of this dress is subtle and sophisticated. The purple lip color is what makes this ensemble truly stand out.

So, which of Cookie’s outfits are your fave? Sound off in the comments below! I cannot wait for the second season!

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