Top “Oh My God!” Moments in MMA

Top “Oh My God!” Moments in MMA

Isn’t MMA some sort of an OMG sport all by itself? Actually, it’s a yes and a no.

Yes, because chances are, among the dozen or so fights in one card you’re bound to see some crazy stuff in there. But then again, no, because “OMG” moments are the thing of “legends”!

We’re not talking about superficial, garden variety stunts here. We’re talking about those epic times you feel your heart was literally popping out of your chest because of some mixture of sheer crap and true excitement.

There aren’t many of those actually, but thanks to YouTube and the Internet, they will be forever immortalized in every true MMA fan’s annals.

OMG moment #1: Joe Son’s balls versus Keith “The Testi-Killer” Hackney

The UFC have some proud moments but this surely isn’t one of them.

Back from the real “No Holds Barred” era where 90% of the fighters don’t have the slightest idea what to do on the ground, Hackney did his crappy imitation of a side control while Son, now a freaking convicted felon, countered with a crappier imitation of a headlock.

Hackney’s right hand was free to do whatever the heck it wants and of all things silly, it thought of busting Joe Son’s balls! Imagine that, you can actually win in the UFC back in the day by making scrambled eggs out of the opponents testicles!

OMG moment #2: Gilbert Yvel KOs the guy in white. (Wait that’s the ref!)

Gilbert Yvel’s name literally means “King of Disqualifications” in Dutch and this one stunt all but cemented that claim. His opponent Atte Backman clearly didn’t want no part of Yvel’s paralyzing punching power and came into Fight Festival 12 looking to literally hug “The Hurricane” out of his game plan.

As usual, Yvel showed up to punch faces and when he thought the ref came straight out of River Styx to derail his plans, Gilbert did the next best thing: KO the guy in white out of there! For good measure (and to Backman’s horror), he gave the ref a kick while he’s down. Yikes!

OMG moment #3: Gabriel Gonzaga separates Cro Cop’s soul from his body

This was supposed to be a routine fight and for business purposes, the UFC was supposed to give Cro Cop a free pass to the Heavyweight title match against Randy Couture. But nobody briefed Gabriel Gonzaga and Cro Cop paid the price. A hefty, hefty price.

OMG moment # 4: Bob Sapp versus Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

The 1/3 human, 2/3 steroids Bob “The Beast” Sapp could be the only freaking 11-18-1 fighter who’s more popular than the Japanese prime minister. Arguably, his greatest fighting achievement ever is a draw against kickboxing legend Jerome Le Banner. That’s how technically crappy Bob Sapp’s game is.

But then again he is a freaking human highlight film, for better or for worse.

In Pride Shockwave last August 2002, Sapp displayed the best of both worlds in a circus-like yet breathtakingly thrilling match-up against heavyweight legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Nogueira was at least 200 pounds lighter than Sapp and honestly, Big Nog looked more like Sapp’s prison bitch than an opponent.

During that time however, Nog is already a Pride champion and have proved countless times that he is legally unkillable. At the 0:10 mark of the video (Watch the full fight here.), Sapp gut-wrenched Nog after foiling a single-leg TD attempt and piledrived the being out of the Brazilian!

OMFG! Did you see how the ref bounced? That’s how crazy it is! Sapp was so pumped up with that awesome move that he practically gassed himself out trying to repeat the same freaking thing! But then again, yeah, we know how this one ended out.

OMG moment # 5: Randleman Suplex on Fedor Emelianenko

Randleman Suplex on Fedor Emelianenko - Randleplex













This one is straight out of WWE. It’s like Kurt Angle German suplexing Randy Orton, but only it’s freaking real!

At the 1:00 mark of the video, the muscle-bound Kevin “The Monster” Randleman picked the Russian MMA legend up and onto his head with a suplex. What’s more OMG! material is in under 60 seconds, Fedor immediately reversed position and finished the fight with a nasty kimura. One minute we wonder if he’s dead, the next minute he’s dishing out a beating. That’s some crazy MMA stuff right there!

OMG moment#6: Vitor Belfort samurais Marvin Eastman’s eyebrow


Weapons are strictly illegal inside the Octagon and I wonder how Vitor Belfort could have gotten away with one. I thought a saw blade tucked in his gloves or was that a samurai? Eastmans’s cut was so wide the two ends have different time zones! OMG!

OMG moment #7: Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama

I don’t know if Takayama speaks fluent English or Frye understands Nihongo, but what I know is somehow these guys cut out a deal at Pride 21. The specifics: The only move both men would use is grabbing each other’s head with one hand while pounding the other on the opponent’s face.

OMG moment #8: Scott Smith fools Pete Sell

Scanning Scott Smith’s bio, I couldn’t find anything related to what he did at the Ultimate Fighter 4 finale.

Pete Sell landed a picture-perfect liver shot that backed Smith away into the cage. And just as Sell rushes in to finish the former California state junior wrestling champion, Smith met Sell’s fury with a berserker of his own! Smith won by a freaking KO but he stayed on the canvas  longer than Pete Sell had, caressing his liver for a good 15 minutes from the outside.

Oh my God!

OMG moment # 9: Anderson Silva’s noodle leg

I saw the fight on live on TV and the whole MGM was eerily silent, but in everyone’s heads I am clearly hearing “OMG!”

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