Top Pre/Post-Fight Brawls in MMA History

Top Pre/Post-Fight Brawls in MMA History

When dealing with the best of the best in combat sports, it is expected that there will be some dustups along the way. Although honor, respect, and discipline should be the blueprint of every athlete’s conduct, we are mortals after all. Whatever the reason is– a temporary lack of judgement, a slight misunderstanding, overflowing stream of testosterone, or just downright fit of sheer anger– there’s no room and excuse for being a jerk. That doesn’t mean, though, that we can’t highlight those “jerky” moments for fun and excitement’s sake, so here are the top pre and post-fight brawls that ever happened in an MMA context.

8. Robbie Lawler vs the opponent’s sister?

Let’s give credit where credit is due and that is to “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler here. The current No. 1 contender for the UFC Welterweight championship did not lose his cool whatsoever when an unknown woman climbed into the ring and “assaulted” Lawler after dishing off severe punishment on Niko Vitale. Stories say the woman was Vitale’s sister, or his wife, or just a local who had one cup of beer too many.

7. Paul Daley’s cheap shot on Josh Koscheck

Both men are at fault on this one. Josh Koscheck admitted saying something not so nice to “Semtex” after the bell sounded while Daley utterly failed to keep his cool. The British striker was immediately fired by Dana White after pulling this stunt but hey, if you throw a sucker punch, make sure it hits flush, alright?

6. Renzo Gracie stomps Nate Marquardt

Well, they weren’t technically “fighting” but Renzo Gracie sure hit Nate Marquardt square on the face with a nifty kick.

Here’s what happened: Marquardt was defending his Pancrase middleweight title against Ricardo Almeida but “The Great” was caught in a deep guillotine and forced to tap early in Round 1. Almeida held onto the choke a little too long and as soon as the Brazilian let go, Marquardt sneaked a right hand on Almeida to let him know he wasn’t happy. Gracie, Almeida’s trainer, quickly leapt over the top  rope (an athletic move by the way) and unleashed a punch and kick combo on Marquardt. It was the kick that put Marquardt down but everyone made amends afterwards so it was all cool.

5. Jones vs DC

The latest fiasco that caught everyone’s attention, Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is as good as it gets as far as brawls come. Many conspiracy theorists will convince you it was just a ploy to hype the fight up but I think these guys really hated each other that they were trash-talking off-air with “Bones” saying he would “literally kill” DC.

4. “Strikeforce: Nashville” brawl

After successfully defending the Strikeforce middleweight title over Dan Henderson, Jake Shields and his homies Gilbert Melendez, Nick and Nate Diaz, and the rest of Cesar Gracie‘s boys are all in a celebratory mood. Things quickly went south when Jason “Mayhem” Miller “mysteriously” appeared right behind Shields, interrupted the interview and asked for a rematch. Melendez took offense and quickly confronted Mayhem while Shields pushed Miller away. One thing lead to another as Nick Diaz threw the first punch that sparked the melee on national TV.

The bottom line? You don’t speak unless you’re asked and don’t set afoot the cage if you’re outnumbered 20-to-1.

3. Sonnen vs Wanderlei at the TUF set

You could see this coming from a mile away. After “The American Gangster” crap-talked the hell out of Brazil and the “Axe Murderer”, there was no way you can put those two inside four walls without something like this happening. That was a nice power double by Chael, though.

2. Super Brawl Weekend: Chute Box vs Hammer House

Mark “The Hammer” Coleman has just broke Shogun Rua‘s arm by virtue of his incredibly strong takedowns. While the ref was stopping Coleman from dishing more punishment on a downed Rua, the latter’s brother Ninja and stablemate Wanderlei Silva came into Shogun’s aid and in Coleman’s words, sucker-punched him three times. All hell broke loose after that, but it still amazes me that it took like 12 people to restrain a 42-year-old Coleman.

1. Wallid Ismail vs Tank Abott; Mark Coleman vs everybody else

I’m sorry about having no video evidence on this one but I’ll take “Big” John McCarthy’s word for reference’s sake. Here are a few excerpts:

One of the most memorable incidents happened after UFC 13… I’m pretty sure it was 13 because Mark Coleman was the champion at the time.

The show was over and I was hanging out and trying to relax, when I noticed Wallid Ismail [a notoriously crazy Jiu-jitsu fighter] getting into a confrontation with Tank Abbott. They were yelling right in each other’s faces, getting more and more heated, and as usual I was only a few steps away, thinking, “Here we go again!” (laughs)

All of a sudden, Wallid hauled off and CRACKED Tank in the face, knocking him right on his ass! So of course all of Tank’s boys jumped up, and all the Brazilians jumped up, and we were set for a full-scale gang fight.

As if the whole thing wasn’t crazy enough, McCarthy said a “drunk-off-his-ass” Mark Coleman was going berserk:

….Mark Coleman decided to rampage over there like an out-of-control gorilla and start dropping two-handed Mongolian forearm shivers on everybody! So I ran over, picked Mark up from behind, and carried him away while he kept reaching back and trying to hit me, bellowing “LET ME GO!!! LET ME GO!!!” in that booming voice of his.

Finally, I pushed Coleman belly-first into the wall and yelled in his ear, “Mark, it’s John, you gotta stop! You can’t do this, you’re the champ, you’re gonna get in trouble!” But he just kept fighting me and yelling, “LET ME GO, I’M GONNA KILL ‘EM!!! I’LL ****** KILL ‘EM!!!”

Thankfully, I managed to get Coleman calmed down enough that I could let him go, and the brawl petered out before anyone got sent to the hospital. Man, I’ll tell you right now — dealing with a bar full of wannabe tough guys is bad, but dealing with an out-of-control room full of the toughest fighters in the world is something straight out of a (expletive) nightmare!


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