UFC Fight Night 59 results: Conor McGregor Destroys Dennis Siver

UFC Fight Night 59 results: Conor McGregor Destroys Dennis Siver

At 32 career fights, it’s safe to say Dennis Siver has relatively seen all that Mixed Martial Arts has to offer. Apparently, that “all” doesn’t include Conor McGregor.

The loud-mouthed Irishman disposed of the veteran Siver in a remarkable display of confidence and striking shrewdness inside two rounds at the jam-packed TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts for UFC Fight Night 59‘s main event. With the victory, “Notorious” earned himself a ticket to fight champion Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight belt.

UFC Fight Night 59: Conor Mcgregor finishes Dennis Siver in two rounds.

McGregor failed to follow up his two-minute knockout prediction leading to the event but that didn’t make his performance any less entertaining. He controlled the pace of the fight, methodically broke down the more seasoned Siver and ended the night when he had too.

It was a no-frills type of performance when it comes to McGregor’s bread-and-butter. He used his superior reach to keep the Russian-German off of him then let his creative yet herky-jerky style do the rest. The one-two combination punctuated by McGregor’s straight left was the beginning of the end for Siver; the elbows that rained down from McGregor while he’s at the mount was just a formality. Referee Herb Dean stopped the contest 1:54 into the second stanza.

“Every single one of them keeps talking about the talk,” McGregor said in the post-fight interview, referring to where his reputation is mostly coming from. “(They) keep saying ‘This guy is all about talk’. But never once did they talk about the skill or the technique ’cause they know I owned that.”

While many– including the McGregor himself and trainer John Kavanagh— predicted the bout ending the way it was supposed to be ended, McGregor was his unstable, ticking time bomb self after the finish, jumping off the cage and into Aldo’s seat. Just when you think the future Aldo-McGregor standoff couldn’t get more interesting, here he comes the Irish, eyes like a madman taunting the Brazilian in front of the whole adoring crowd.

Conor Mcgregor jumps at UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo after demolishing Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59. Photo via: Fansided.com

Aldo met him with a toothy smile as security (and some other people) restrained McGregor from getting closer to the champion.

“He’s one of them, keep saying ‘All talk’,” said McGregor. “I’m going to hand him my spit bucket, and then stand back and wait for him to spit shine the belt so it’s ready for me to take it.”

And when the Brazilian failed to get inside the Octagon to do a PR face-off with the victor, McGregor shouted: “He’s gone back to Brazil with that spit bucket!”

“Scarface”, unlike many of us, wasn’t particularly impressed of how the fight went down and his future opponent’s shenanigans.

“That’s normal to me,” Aldo said of McGregor’s antics. “He’s a joker and a court jester to me. All I do is laugh at him.”

“He called the fight in two minutes and it took him over a round. I mean, Siver’s a seasoned fighter but not at the caliber I fought before so I’m not really impressed.”

The UFC may have protected their fire-breathing asset on his way to a mega-buck showdown for the championship, but say what you will, McGregor is making things leaps and bounds interesting. He hasn’t exactly faced a grinding wrestler on his way to earn the ticket but he won’t need it against an equally strike-based attack of Aldo.

Conventional wisdom says the Nova Uniao standout wins against the SBG Ireland fighter. Championship experience and overall skills are all going for Aldo. Like the previous six men he faced in the Octagon, there is no surprise if Aldo dispatches McGregor the way he always does.

But then again, there is no price for entertainment and that’s what this loudmouthed Irish is doing for all of us. After one spectacular outing after another, I think he is proving he’s no joke of a fighter himself.

Whether his fighting abilities will match up well against the long-time champ remains to be seen. What we’re sure of is the featherweight division wouldn’t have been this fun if not for Conor McGregor.

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