Why Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz Should Happen

Why Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz Should Happen

When the UFC made the announcement that Anderson Silva will make his way back into the Octagon opposite Nick Diaz to headline UFC 183, it solicited mixed reactions from pundits all over.

Many are excited as hell while some pleaded “The Spider” not to return anymore after that awful leg injury he suffered in the second bout with Chris Weidman. After all, he can hang up the gloves now and will still be perpetually engraved in the annals of MMA as one of the best to ever fight .

Diaz, they say, is just a delusional, pot-smoking punk who thinks he’s worth more than what he actually is. He wants to fight the top guys when the fact of the matter is, he hasn’t beaten one at all since like forever.

The fight doesn’t make the slightest sense. Except, well, it does! It’s the ultimate win-win-win-win situation for Silva, for Diaz, the fans, and the UFC.

For the Brazilian, he needed to look every bit as good as he was when he took the UFC’s 185-lb division by storm in demolishing then-champion Rich “Ace” Franklin. Yes I know, that was eight years ago when Silva was at the peak of his fighting prowess, but the point is, the Curitiba, Brazil native should quickly dispel the notion he’s better off walking in the sandy beaches of Sao Paulo rather than fighting in the Octagon. With that said, there’s no perfect opponent for the counter-attacking “Spider” than the Stockton, California native who will be seeking to press the action for 25 minutes if needed.

Photo credit: MMA Fighting/Getty Images

We will actually get to see these antics happening at the same time come January 3, 2015. Photo credit: MMA Fighting/Getty Images

Diaz, for his part, have been shouting on the rooftops for years about wanting a high-profile bout and this is the absolute perfect time for it. Could there be a more promiscuous affair than facing the man who terrorized and cleaned up an entire division for seven years?

Imagine Diaz matching Silva (and vice versa) taunt for taunt inside the cage and instigating verbal wars outside of it just for the sake of messing each other’s minds up. Diaz and Silva need not be worried about lay-and-prays but will just look to let go of their hands, feet, elbows, the kitchen sink, the toilet bowl, everything!

Which now brings us to the next point: The UFC won’t have to do a single thing and this event is still going to be an absolute attraction. When exactly was the last time a non-title bout featuring fighters on losing streaks generated this much buzz?

The UFC’s problems as of late is the shortage of marketable stars which often leads to recycled main events which, in turn, often leads to a disappointing spectacle. However, you can bet your wife that’s not going to be the case here. In Diaz and Silva, they will have twice as much wooing talent and twice as much excitement to go along with it.

Really, anyhow and anyway you dissect this thing, it exudes perfection in any direction. It may not make much sense as far as divisional advancements and rankings are concerned, but who needs these stuff anyway when you have Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz?

I just don’t care. I say let the fireworks begin!

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